Week 5 at Purpol Marketing by Interns Elizabeth Davenport & Robbie Warren


My fifth week at Purpol Marketing has been one of my favourite weeks so far! It’s been much more creative and busy, with several different tasks to be done each day. The diversity of tasks in a single day has kept me focused but has also made the days fly! Can’t believe I’ll soon be halfway through my time at Purpol.

I started the week with another fantastic team meeting- it great to catch up with everyone and was a very productive day. We kicked off by presenting our individual marketing campaigns that we had each created over the course of last week, promoting the new course Magnificent Marketing. Everyone had rather enviable ideas! From Robbie’s ingenious #BeMagnificent hashtag to Jordan’s subliminal messaging based on the theory that many recipients will only skim read. As such, it is important to use impactful, key words that stand out. We also worked in groups to collate all our ideas and build some campaigns that can be developed over the coming weeks and eventually used to promote the course.

Next on the agenda was a Mailchimp introduction from Gavin. I’ve never used it before but I can already see what a wonderful resource it is, especially as I started to use it later in the week for another project.

This project involved creating a direct mailing campaign for a client. I began by digesting their website, reading their content and noting design, colour etc. to get an idea of their house style. I think house style is key because it gives the impression of a consistent, reliable and recognisable brand. When it came to the content, I was careful to keep in mind the recipients of my campaign- not my client, but their target market. The whole process was incredibly straightforward and a lot of fun. I have been inspired to use Mailchimp for other projects too, such as the university society that I am vice-president of.

My next task was to write some award entries, which was unlike any written piece of work I have done before. The only thing I could compare it to might be a personal statement, highlighting all the best parts about yourself! So far I have an entry for Business Person of the Year 2017 and Small Business of the Year 2017- fingers crossed my entries impress!

My rather lengthy blog post should demonstrate what a busy and diverse week it’s been at Purpol! It’s been really great to learn in different ways, from researching and writing whitepapers to developing creative campaigns, not to mention bouncing ideas of one another at the team meeting. Feeling really inspired for the rest of my internship!


My fifth week at Purpol is coming to an end, this week has been different and very interesting. My week started with a trip to Chippenham for a meeting with my lovely colleagues. In the meeting, we got straight into presenting ideas for the promotion of the Magnificent Marketing Online Course. There was a range of great ideas to get excited about and lead to some great campaigns.

After that, we got into groups to create ideas for some emails to send out to our customers as well as designing adverts for Facebook and LinkedIn. This was a lot of fun as it allowed us to show our creativity and bring our ideas from the morning together. Overall, a great day where a lot was learned.

The next day, back at home, it was time to put what we’d done the day before into action. My Tuesday and Wednesday was spent creating an email campaign as well as using designs from the meeting to create a Facebook advert. This was a new challenge for me and one I particularly enjoyed and it was a nice change from writing whitepapers.

Onto the next day and another change in what I’m doing! It was onto researching Business Improvement Districts, or BIDs. BIDs are organisations set up to improve specific areas, mainly town centres. They usually aim to improve businesses in the area, increase safety and promote local business. I have been learning about their positives and negatives and then more specifically into each one.

So overall, it’s been a different and exciting week with new challenges. My time is flying by and I’m very much looking forward learning even more!