Practical techniques for generating new customer leads

Lead generation techniques help your business to identity of a person or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service. These could be business associated – a B2B lead – or to an end user – a B2C lead. Successful lead generation comes from many activities and these are strengthened in combination.

A coordinated marketing campaign is essential to make sure all activities are linked together to maximise the impact of your investment. When managed within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system they can effectively tracked to understand the source of the lead. Measurement will then determine which method is most effective.
To acquire customers can cost many multiples of what it cost to retain a customer. By understanding your existing customers, you know what attributes are valued by similar individuals who are yet to become your customers! When you understand what they want and provide if for them, there is a much greater chance of conversion.

Our historic record speaks for itself; let us share our extensive knowledge and proven successful operating methods to deliver more leads for your business.

Proven success in delivery of PQQ’s and tender bids

Bid management is a specialist field, especially within the construction sector. It demands understanding and conformance with strict procurement requirements. For success you need the generation of a compelling response backed up with relevant evidence.

Pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ’s) and tender quality documents all demand specific expertise, both in the content of the technical answer and in the optimal presentation of the information.

Following on from the Lead Generation process, the PQQ needs to be effectively completed to ensure progress to the tendering stage. To optimise the management of the PQQ process, you will need a bid library. In addition, you require a defined project pipeline to target and a method to track projects from initial information to procurement decision.

Purpol Marketing are experts in facilitating, managing and monitoring the entire bid process including Post-tender submission status and attendance at feedback meetings. Let us share the benefit of our expertise in order to generate more customers for you.

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Lead Generation – Practical techniques for generating new customer leads

You know that you want to increase sales, generate leads and convert into customers to boost profits, but you don’t really know where to start, or which tools exist to help you.

Methods such as Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Public Relations (PR) media coverage, Social Media, a link on your Website, or your name on a Promotion gift are all potential lead generators. Additionally, contact from a meeting at a networking event, being an attendee at a Public speaking engagement or advertising from a trade show can all drive new business enquiries to you.

Lead generation organisations exist within specific industries, which can send daily or weekly alerts when a customer or project fitting your criteria is identified. Using processes to evaluate them means you can quickly assess the criteria and make sure it a good fit for your business.

Many companies charge large membership fees so we advise from recent relevant experience which ones are worth the investment. We also have tips to look for some equally useful free resources.