Bid services with

  • Confident in your tendering ability, but want a fresh perspective?
  • Not sure of the tendering opportunities available to you that match your company’s capabilities?
  • Want to win more work, but unsure of where you’re falling short?
  • Have you got a live tender opportunity, but don’t have the time and resources to put it together and meet best practice?
  • Have you found a must-win tender, but unsure where to start?

Whatever your bid related concerns, Purpol Marketing have got it covered.

Let us take the stress out of the tendering process with any of the following areas!

Purpol are delighted to offer you tender management services aimed at bringing affordable and proven bid support to the Start-up and SMEs, taking the burden out of bidding. Think of us as your freely available resource pool. This will allow you to focus your efforts on you core business functions, whilst still claiming a share of the procurement market.

Since Purpol’s inception, we have successfully secured contracts for clients both on public and private sector contracts, including a place on a £850 million 4 year regional construction framework. This insight means we understand what the public sector wants and how contractors should respond. Purpol has continued to secure a 95% success rate of bids on behalf of clients, offering validity to our measure of success, determined not by how many clients Purpol win, but how much Purpol helps its clients win.

Besides this, we keep up to date with current policies, and campaign to impact the overall landscape of construction bid strategy tendering by encouraging SMEs to bid for more lucrative contracts with the support of the Purpol team.

We are pleased to offer support that’s tiered, wherever you need us:


Let us use our expertise within the procurement process and years of tendering experience under our belt to produce winning tender responses that will exceed your buyers expectations. In doing this, we will help bring to life a compelling bid campaign which includes win themes, USP’s and differentiators.

We excel at working alongside your company to grasp the business, quickly absorbing the company vision and values to weave within the content and deliver to deadline. In doing this, we craft innovative content that is bespoke to each company and contract. We will make sure your response is concise, clear and your language is simple.

This content needs to be written within the stipulated bid writing guidelines, and we can ensure your proposal complies precisely with requirements of the tender process.


We are specialists in demanding bid environments where tight deadlines, and large resources of information is second nature. We take the lead, managing your bid from pre-qualification, the write up, through to the post-tender process. In guiding you to ‘bid better’, we will be able to help you to understand the level and type of content needed to win given bids. To do this, we will guide you to develop best practice for the tendering process, not only supporting you in delivering contracts, but refining your procurement strategy.

We are delighted to be helping companies to win more high profile and lucrative contracts, positioning them to continue to pitch and secure other contracts. Purpol Marketing can equip you with the toolset and confidence to bid for governmental level contracts.

With the assistance of somebody that understands the bid process, this enables your internal resource to focus their attention to delivering a compliant solution. As part of this service, we will make ourselves available either on site or on the end of the telephone to provide guidance throughout the bid application.


Our tender reviewing service could be the difference between winning and losing that contract, thereby preventing you from becoming stagnant in your business.

We understand that it can be difficult to review your own work but this is an essential part of any bid, which is why we offer an auditing service for your tendering documents. We can review your procurement strategy, providing you with a breakdown of where in the key stages of the bid development you need to refine, and pinpoint areas of suggested amendments.

Capitalise on our extensive bid experience, and let us review your bid, whether it’s a tender that’s due for submission, or an unsuccessful tender that you don’t know where it went wrong. In doing this, you’ll be better aligned to maximise your score and up skill your existing team to sharpening your tendering approach.

It may also be the case that you need help reviewing your segment so that you aren’t wasting time and money going for the wrong contracts. With this service, we will prevent you spending time on limited return, and instead help you to pinpoint where your energy could be better spent.


We can assist you in getting your tender ready for submission. We are conscious that this is a stressful time as you near the end of the bid process, but with our guidance we can ensure it’s ready for the deadline.

If you’ve got the bid structure down and just need to finalise before submission, we would be glad to proof read final drafts. By proofing your documents, we can offer a fresh perspective to spot mistakes and delivered with a single voice that is not disjointed and inconsistent.


Your bid pitch needs to ensure that it sells your company and your solution. We offer professional advice to guide you through this stage, making sure you are well equipped to overcome the final hurdle.
With competitive dialogue, we will be able to help prepare you present what you stand for best place you to meet your businesses ambition.

Purpol Marketing can provide the above services on an interim or contract basis for durations that suit your bid, coordinating to peaks and troughs in your business activity.


The key to winning is in the preparation. We have helped previous clients formulate a ‘bid library’, so you have a bank of documents that provide persuasive demonstration of your organisation’s capability. Whilst every bid is different and requires a bespoke approach, they often request many of the same pieces of information.

This will help to streamline your future approach. Using this, with each bid, will come more confidence and the ability to manage your bid more efficiently. Filing unsuccessful tenders is equally important, in order to highlight where improvements can be made. With this library, you will then be able to ensure that client feedback is acted upon and incorporated into future bids.


Increasing your tender opportunity is key for your business to move forward and thrive. We appreciate that finding the right tender of you is time consuming and you might not have the capacity to do this within your business operations, so leave it down to us to source local and national opportunities that are both appropriate and best suited.

Our aim is to increase your win rate by providing you with a forward pipeline of work. By getting to know your company and what your capable of, we can carefully select opportunities that are right for you. In doing this we will take the worry of the ‘bid/no bid’ decision making.

Purpol Marketing can also help with grant funding projects – contact us for more information on how we can help.