Bronwyn Jesse – my internship Week 12 at Purpol Marketing

Posted on September 9, 2017 by Categories: Intern, Magnificent Marketing, Marketing, PR Tags: , , ,

The last few weeks have been busy getting stuck into various tasks. My week started looking into creating whitepapers for the retain element of our marketing structure. This is crucial to think about within your marketing strategy, given that it can be up to twelve times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep existing ones! Building loyalty is the result of a positive experience, and it’s about client perceived value and satisfaction of the entirety of the customer journey.

Another highlight this week was listening to a Webinar concerned with creating a social media marketing plan. The biggest thing is that it is often forgot that social media is not a strategy, it is a channel. I also realised the importance of making a story bigger than just telling a story about selling your products and services, taking customers ‘behind the scenes’.  From this Webinar, when planning Purpol’s social media content I am now more conscious of having a balance between reactive and planned content we’re sharing, scheduling generic content in advance, leaving time to be reactive to whats on social media.

Coming towards the end of my internship with Purpol it is great to see everything thats been achieved over the summer- from helping to create a bank of content for our social media and website in the form of whitepapers and video animations, to making Small Business Saturday, marketing our new online course and more!