Bronwyn’s blog – from Mailchimp to Hootsuite in Week 4

Posted on July 8, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Bid Management, Marketing, PR

This week has been equally busy, from breakfast networking to social media campaigns.

I’ve spent the beginning of the week finding venues to host an event, and we finally sent out our email campaign. So far it’s had a very successful response rate of 30%, which is well above the industry average. We hope following this, that we are top of thought for marketing and bid writing service, and maybe even some collaboration with other companies. Denise and Gavin have overseen this process and highlighted areas of ‘cleaning up’, helping me to gain an understanding of the professional standard of grammar and formatting that is expected within the industry.

This month we’ve heavily focused on improving our media presence. We’re now looking to improve our Twitter activity and I am in the process of using an app that allows you to schedule tweets throughout the month. This will help to raise Purpol’s profile, but will also be offering free #PurpolTopTips for bid writing throughout the day, so is definitely worth a follow (@PurpolMarketing).



Denise and I attended a manufacturing breakfast at Excalibur Communications this week. I found this particularly interesting, as someone who could be classified as a ‘Generation Z’, we are a generation that have been raised with smart cloud technology and when going into working industries this will be an expectation and ‘norm’, and not a novelty. It also surprised me to learn that breaches in security within a company are often thought to be hackings, but actually just as often happen within the company! To date, I have followed the impact of ‘Brexit’ on a national scale, so it was interesting to hear of the impact this has had on individual local businesses.

Now 4 weeks into my placement, I have refined my time management skills. Whereas at University you can work at your own leisure, here you have follow the pace of the business, which is often very rapid!