Business Speaking

“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master”
– Phillip Kotler

Whether you are holding a big conference, a tailored event, a small networking engagement or anything in between, Purpol can provide and convey expert insights into marketing and bid management to the audience.
Sharing knowledge from a variety of market sectors, we can share tips and tricks that can be taken on board and subsequently implemented into your business.

From identifying past successful and unsuccessful! campaigns to discussing past experiences, ideas and advice, Purpol are well respected as delivery partners for speeches and conference keynotes that not only impart our invaluable knowledge but that are also tailored to your exact audience needs.
Purpol know what it is like when you are in the audience – looking for that ‘gem’ of information and will always weave the key message that you want your audience to take away with them into our speech delivery in a memorable way that is still highly informative.
No two talks are alike. Purpol will craft each presentation for your specific audience and event to make the ideas relevant, fun and actionable while also capturing the essence of your meeting.

With extensive real world experience in the marketing and bid industries, the Purpol team have spent our working lives mastering the art of successful marketing and bid management – so we can speak from extensive experience.

We have spoken internationally at The Big 5, Dubai; at national conferences and local networking events – sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for all things marketing and bid writing.

Speaking Expertise
As your keynote speaker, The Purpol team can inspire your audience on various topics, providing key messages and tools to improve your bid writing and marketing as well as general business performance. We take the time to understand the key issues of your event and your audience in order to deliver talks that are both informative, enjoyable and thought provoking.

Listed below are some of the subjects that we can discuss at your event, we are happy to talk on all subjects within marketing and bid management ! – simply contact us via email or phone to discuss your exact needs

  • The Magnificent Marketing Model – Review, Acquire, Promote, Retain
  • How to become a thought leader
  • Marketing in a digital world
  • The impact of colour on brand perception
  • Marketing for your start-up business
  • Marketing – unlock the magic!
  • How to spark customer engagement – making your brand stand out
  • Creating a first-choice advantage – make your customers choose you first
  • Make your customers love you
  • The Winning Bid
  • Secrets to successful bidding
  • The attributes of consistently successful bids
  • How to recover from a lost bid
  • Golden Rules to deliver bid success