Elevate Your Business Trajectory with Denise O’Leary MBE: An Exemplar of Strategic Marketing Excellence.

With over 30 years of corporate expertise, Denise O’Leary MBE stands as a powerhouse – a dynamic force in the marketing world, ready to infuse your business with unprecedented wisdom and success. Whether you demand finely honed marketing strategies, enhanced bid writing prowess, or need to amplify your brand presence, Denise’s boundless enthusiasm and unparalleled knowledge are at your service.

Unlock the Power of Denise’s Expertise:

🏆 Award-Winning Visionary: Recognised with prestigious accolades, including the MBE in the 2022 New Year’s Honours List, 26 International Stevie Awards, and titles like NatWest #GoDo Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Business Women in Marketing and WIM Best Independent Consultant.

🌟 Strategic Brilliance: Over three decades of experience in marketing and bid writing, coupled with leadership at board-level, ensures your journey to success is guided by a seasoned navigator.

📚 Academic Prowess: Armed with a Master’s Degree specialising in Marketing & Business Strategy and a First-Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Denise’s insights are not just based on experience but rooted in sound academic principles.

📈 Proven Excellence: Denise’s Chartered Marketer accreditation since 2005 underscores her sustained commitment to excellence, while her establishment of Purpol Marketing in 2014 reflects her visionary approach and commitment to pushing boundaries whilst delivering tangible results.

Partner with Denise O’Leary MBE to Achieve:

✨ Strategic Transformation: Craft effective business strategies that fuel growth and impact. Meticulous market and customer analyses will unleash your latent competitive potential.

💼 Winning Bids: Master the art of bid management and tender submissions, securing opportunities that pave your path to success.

🎯 Impactful Branding: Radiate an irresistible brand presence, through lead generation and engaging customer experiences, utilising meticulously crafted lead generation strategies to enhance customer interactions.

🏆 Securing Award success: Your business can win International, National and Sector specific business accolades supported by worldwide awards entry specialist and Author of ‘WINNER- How to Win Business Awards’.

Elevate Your UK Business with Denise O’Leary MBE: A Pioneer in Strategic Marketing Excellence

In the dynamic UK business landscape, Denise O’Leary MBE stands as a beacon of wisdom, offering over three decades of corporate insight. Whether you aim to refine marketing strategies, master bid composition, or establish a robust brand identity, Denise is equipped to invigorate your journey with unparalleled expertise.

Business & Personal Coaching: Whether your aspiration is to excel within your own business, advance in your current role, or progress in your career, Denise’s services propel you towards your objectives. With extensive experience in marketing, bid writing, and SME management, her guidance is invaluable. Denise is dedicated to making your coaching experience impactful, enjoyable, and effective. As a professional business coach, she accelerates your path to individual and business breakthroughs.

Coaching Expertise: Denise empowers you to:

  • Focus on your future and desired outcomes
  • Foster individual performance within a business context
  • Develop superior leadership and people management skills
  • Identify and address blind spots in yourself or your business
  • Harness innate talents and strengths
  • Gain insights into values and capitalise on your unique attributes
  • Strategise and develop your career
  • Enhance performance by honing business and career strategies
  • Manage challenging situations and performance issues
  • Build resilience to stress
  • Optimise your performance in a new role
  • Receive guidance for key changes and decisions

Coaching sessions are flexible, accommodating your schedule, and can be conducted face-to-face, over Zoom/Teams, telephone, or email.

Business Consultancy: With over 30 years of expertise, Denise’s consultancy services drive businesses towards their full potential. Tailored plans and strategies propel your business towards success. Denise’s focus is on tangible results whether it’s a polished investor-ready business plan or a growth strategy to ensure your business thrives.

Consultancy Services Include:

  • Market Research
  • Business Advice & Guidance
  • Employee Mentoring, Training & Coaching
  • Strategy Development
  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy and Plan Development
  • Business Review
  • Creating Strategic Roadmaps
  • Business Performance Improvement Services
  • Finding Funding Solutions

Business Mentoring: In the challenging landscape of business, mentoring becomes a catalyst for success. Denise’s mentoring empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate obstacles. Her role as a trusted confidante fosters your growth and drives your business towards longevity.

Mentoring Benefits:

  • Gain an independent, external perspective
  • Discuss ideas, challenges, and opportunities
  • Receive guidance in areas where expertise is lacking
  • Ensure well-informed decision-making
  • Benefit from a confidential and unbiased source of support

Business Speaking: Denise’s insights transcend the page as she imparts her wisdom through speeches and conference keynotes. Whether it’s sparking customer engagement, creating a first-choice advantage, or sharing bid-winning secrets, Denise captivates audiences and delivers actionable insights. Denise also speaks on how you can win awards – as a judge and previous winner she has the inside track on what judges are looking for.

Your journey towards unparalleled marketing excellence begins now.

Join forces with Denise O’Leary MBE as your unwavering advocate,  to sculpt a future where your business thrives, shines, and transforms its industry.

Contact Denise today to empower your enterprise with the strategic brilliance it deserves.

Purpol Team

Purpol Marketing is owned by Denise O’Leary MBE, a Board level Marketing Director who has maintained her ongoing accreditation as a Chartered Marketer with the CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing every year since 2005. Denise holds both a Masters Degree specialising in Marketing and Business Strategy and a First Class Honours Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration. Denise is a dynamic, enthusiastic, award winning, marketing specialist and coach with 20+ years’ extensive experience of delivering impressive results. Denise utilises a pragmatic, market based approach to deliver measurable company development in all aspects, including communication strategy, brand development, competitor understanding and customer engagement. Denise was awarded the MBE – Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 2022 New Years Honours List.

Denise and the team are further supported by an extensive network of associates and area specialists to bring the required additional resource and expertise as required to support our clients. Operating as your external marketing department we are able to fill a gap and implement effective marketing strategies that get results. We have proven expertise in all elements of marketing, but are specialist in B2B Marketing within the Construction and Manufacturing Sectors.

Vision and Values

Our entire team help our clients find innovative, practical and achievable marketing solutions – helping you win more, more often.

Purpol Marketing is the leading provider of marketing expertise to the construction and manufacturing sectors, by providing insightful and practical marketing knowledge and application techniques supported by proven business development models to increase the effectiveness of customer businesses.

Purpol Marketing appreciate insightful, practical and achievable solutions must be matched to your specific business challenges. We collaborate with many industry experts to deliver tailored support to our clients.

Purpol Marketing is here as your external marketing department and can offer another pair of hands in your marketing department, a strategic business viewpoint and a fresh perspective. We are able to develop and implement effective marketing strategies that get results.

Purpol measure our success on how much our clients win.