Elizabeth Davenport – Weeks 11 and 12 at Purpol Marketing

My last two weeks at Purpol have been really busy and action-packed, with several different projects going on at once, hence why I am cramming both weeks into one blog post! It is with both disbelief and sadness that my internship with Denise and Gav is already coming to an end, but I remain super grateful and honoured to have been a part of the team, if only for twelve short weeks.

Weeks 11 and 12 have been spent bringing my whitepapers to a close, with just a few more to finish in order to have a nice, complete set that compliments Purpol’s unique Magnificent Marketing course structure! Another project that has been particularly time-consuming yet lot’s of fun must sadly remain a secret for now! But without giving too much away, I can say that it was a fabulous opportunity to bring together all that I had learnt throughout my internship. This included copy writing and design alongside considering what my target audience would want to see and hear. This project has been my favourite of all my internship tasks and has really inspired my future career goals, giving me a much better understanding of what I’m good at and what I enjoy- which is amazing because, prior to my time with Purpol, I was essentially flailing around in my degree with no set career goal!!

Last Thursday saw our fourth and final team meeting in Chippenham. We spent the day discussing our projects, drawing on the best bits and deciding which we could apply in real time. We also worked in teams to create a Mailchimp campaign for a new client, which was another great opportunity to put together all that we’ve learnt during our summer with Denise and Gav. Furthermore, we also discussed promotional ideas for Denise’s upcoming trip to speak at the Big 5 International Building and Construction show in Dubai! This is of course a fantastic opportunity not just for Purpol to build on its international presence, but also for small businesses everywhere.

My internship with Purpol Marketing has been a greater learning curve that I ever imagined. In fact, I find it hard to describe what a journey these last 12 weeks have been. At university, I spend a lot of time reading and writing essays, so it has been a welcome change to get more creative. From designing websites and Mailchimp campaigns to video animation and social media ads, there has never been a dull week at Purpol. Even when my week was focused on research and whitepaper writing, it was still out of my university comfort zone of poems and authors, always encouraging me to learn more and expand my pool of knowledge!

Although I will be seeing everyone at the Bath Chronicle Business Awards next week, I would like to say an early thank you to Denise for welcoming me on board all those months ago, and to Gavin, Jordan and my fellow interns for being a great team to work alongside. I have no doubt that this experience will inspire all my future endeavours, and I hope to see the Purpol team again soon!