My Final Week at Purpol Marketing by Bronwyn Jesse

My final weeks at Purpol have been very busy, hence why the blog post has come at a slight delay.
I have mixed emotions about my last week at Purpol Marketing; both sad that my time with Denise, Gavin, Jord and my fellow interns is over, but also proud of the work we have produced together, and excited to be leaving Purpol in such great standing to end the year. On that note, I would like to say just how grateful I am for all this summer has taught me, allowing me to get stuck into several challenging projects, the internship has been greatly rewarding.

In my final week I have been finishing our last lot of whitepapers, which are looking at how businesses can drive customer loyalty, and the benefit of having a CRM system in place can have on a business. Whilst the white paper process has come to and end, I look forward to these being released through Purpol’s social media in the coming months, and will be great to read the different approach my fellow interns have taken to the subject matter.

The other project we have been working on for the time being must remain a secret within the Purpol team, but gave us all the chance to show our creative side of the business once again! This gave us the opportunity to combine both copywriting and content writing skills we have developed over the course of the summer with design skills in a single project, which is a great finish to the internship. This is a side of the business I really struggled with on the commencement of my internship, so this has been great for my confidence, to see just how far I have come over the course of the summer! Here, it was essential to map out the customer journey, and try and refrain from letting your own preferences rule your decision, keeping the target audience at the forefront of your mind.

As I am due to start a new graduate job in the coming weeks this project was valuable in teaching me the constraints of finishing a project to the best of your ability within a given timeframe, being able to ‘put it to bed’ and move on to the next allocated task. This something which I was never able to develop at uni, where you are given a large space of time to complete one assignment, and in the world of work its more realistic that I will have several task to work on simultaneously within any given week.

This internship has confirmed to me that I would like to pursue a career within marketing, helped by the trust Denise has instilled in us interns to work on real projects and contribute to the success of the business.

Last Thursday, was our final group meeting in Chippenham. During this time we all presented our work, and discussed the projects we have been working on, taking elements from each others projects into a workable piece. Alongside this we also collectively looked to develop new content for a client’s website to assist them in their rebranding. To close the meeting we all discussed how far we have individually come over the summer, and the sheer amount we have learned since joining Purpol, which sometimes can be a struggle to fit into a weekly blog post!

Despite finishing my intern, I am excited to be going to the Bath Chronicle Business Awards next week, where Denise has been shortlisted in Business Person of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year categories. This assures me that whilst my time at Purpol has come to an end, I will be sure to stay in contact with the team and continue to celebrate the companies success.