My First Week at Purpol Marketing – Robbie Warren


My week started out by going through Purpol’s brand new Magnificent Marketing Course, a course designed to help small businesses create a superb marketing strategy. This was important as it has since been launched and is now ready to use! My next job was to find out more about the local business networks and events that Purpol could get involved in, something I’m very much looking forward to!

The next day was a trip down to Chippenham to meet the lovely Denise and Gavin as well as my new colleagues. The day started out with a briefing about the origins of Purpol and what the plan is for Purpol Marketing. We then all introduced ourselves with presentations and discussed ways to make the Magnificent Marketing course known to the public. We had a brainstorm and there was plenty of ideas to go around!

Back at home the following few days, I’ve since been finding out more about the local business networks as well as writing about market research. In addition to this, we’ve been busy spreading the word around the social networks about our new course, letting people know about an award we are nominated for and we’ve even been featured in the Business Biscuit News network for having five new interns, which I am very lucky and proud to be one of.

It’s been a busy week overall but one that has made me even more excited about my future here at Purpol. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll be doing with the rest of my internship. But until then, that’s it for this week!