Internship blog by Jade Lucas

Posted on July 13, 2020 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Community, Intern, Magnificent Marketing, Mentoring

‘Over the past 10 day I have participated in Purpol’s Marketing 2020 internship scheme. This has truly been an excellent experience; I have gained skill sets and knowledge that I will carry with me through the rest of my degree and professional career.

With initially taking Purpol’s Marketing 2 online courses: Magnificent Marketing and Digitally Marketing your way to recovery this was a great way to start the programme! Both courses gave me a great initial understanding as to how to strategically create a marketing plan as well as delving into different marketing concepts. After completing both course’s Denise O’Leary, all Interns and I had a wonderful first zoom call where we were able to share our thoughts, initial ideas and delve into more detail about the courses in safe, welcoming environment. It was a great opportunity to hear from my fellow interns and the different stages and course’s we are at, in our Degrees.

We were all then set the task to create a Marketing campaign for ‘Digitally Marketing your way to recovery’. This initially seemed to be a daunting task, however, with further research and support from Denise I very quickly gained an excitement and engagement with the project. Having this experience was extremely beneficial to highlight my areas of strengths and weakness within the Marketing industry. Throughout the process I found my passion to lie within the creativity of the projects and prospered upon exploring new creative platforms such as Canva.

In the completion of this task it was then onto the next! This was where I really got to experiment with new ideas. The second task set was to Develop promotional materials for the book WINNER – How to Win Business Awards. Upon reading the book it was an insightful read to a topic that I had never considered or learnt about before. Definitely something that I will remember and take note of in the future. Again, I got to experiment with concepts that I had not come across before such as creating YouTube content and thinking about the buying cycle. Although the content I created was new to me and something I had little knowledge on I felt comfortable to share with the group due to the atmosphere previously created.

With the 10 days filled with explorations, experiments and creating it was now time for the final zoom call! Although I feel saddened that the internship had come to an end and I was no longer able to take my ideas further, I was excited to share and equally hear what the other interns had created.

The other interns had some really great ideas. It was brilliant to see everyone’s ideas brought to life. It really gave some great ideas of in the future how to further my campaign. Everyone showcased exceptional knowledge and creativity in the work they shared. As well as this, I was introduced to some topics and areas of marketing that I had never focused on before. So, with inspiration from them it will definitely be something I consider in future projects.

The experience has been a great introduction into the Marketing Working world. With the current circumstance of COVID-19 I believe that the internship scheme was designed flawlessly – still able to learn a great deal and engage with others.

Denise O’Leary has been a fantastic instructor throughout the entirety of the internship. Right Through the online course clips, email presence and ‘in person’ on zoom calls she always had a friendly and welcoming manner.’

Many thanks again,