Internship blog from Charleen Dunn

Posted on July 12, 2020 by Categories: Uncategorised

I had the great opportunity to intern for Denise O’Leary at Purpol Marketing. I gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about digital marketing and the company, as a marketing intern.

I began the internship by completing two online courses, produced by Denise O’Leary. The first, titled ‘Magnificent Marketing’, was hugely engaging and insightful. It included quizzes, B2C and B2B examples and workbooks at the end of each section. These activities allowed me to reflect on the content and consolidate my learning. The course covers all aspects of marketing, from Lead Generation to Brand Identity, resulting in masses of useful content, ideas and concepts. I found this course of be hugely beneficial for my understanding of marketing strategies and marketing in a real-world context.

The second course ‘Digitally Marketing your way to Recovery’, helps the participant recognise the importance of digital marketing in today’s society, especially during unprecedented events such as Covid-19. The course is presented with a clear and concise structure. I learnt a lot about the importance of communication and offering value to your customers/clients. I gained a great insight into the various digital marketing channels which were largely discussed.

I also partook in a zoom workshop, where I had the pleasure of meeting Denise and the other interns. This workshop taught me about Purpol, several marketing channels, content and marketing campaigns, which would aid us in the set projects.

We were to complete and present two projects. The first was a marketing campaign for the course I completed at the beginning of the internship, ‘Digitally Marketing your way to Recovery’. The second project was a marketing campaign for the book titled: ‘WINNER- How to Win Business Awards, by Denise O’Leary. Producing these marketing campaigns allowed me to use my creativity and develop marketing skills. I produced exciting content and designed various marketing channels, including a landing website, leaflet, an infographic and social media posts. I learnt to use image and design tools and developed technological and communication skills.

From the beginning of this internship, I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone to develop my skills and learn more. This internship has allowed me to do so and I have l gathered an abundance of knowledge surrounding digital marketing and marketing campaigns. I am grateful to Denise and Purpol Marketing for the experience.

By Charleen Dunn