Internship review from Diane de Guzman

Posted on July 16, 2020 by Categories: Uncategorised

Purpol Marketing has given me a great opportunity to take part in during this summer, giving me a chance to broaden my experience and gain valuable skills simultaneously. I feel that the projects given to us were designed to let us learn, apply and create ideas, and really let us approach the tasks with our own different and personal directions. I am taking up a BA Geography degree at university and had no experience in the field of marketing or business at all. However, Denise had provided all her interns this summer with great marketing training content, and was very efficient in responding to any questions or uncertainties I had, allowing me to approach the projects with confidence.


‘Magnificent Marketing’ is an excellent course that simplifies and guides any person interested in marketing or looking to gain a wider understanding of the subject. It really goes into great detail and is a highly valuable course for any kind of user: beginner, student, business-owner or entrepreneur. Similarly, ‘Digitally Marketing your way to Recovery’ is another course which really puts into perspective very important factors to consider to adapt any business against a crisis. Both have really opened my eyes to topics I would have never considered in a BA Geography Degree and have taught me things my degree would have never covered.


The first task, which was to formulate a marketing plan for ‘Digitally Marketing your way to Recovery’, allowed me to utilise my new-found skills that I gained through the ‘Magnificent Marketing’ course and allowed me to creatively take the project in the direction I wanted. The second task of the internship was to create ideas for a campaign for Denise’s book ‘Winner: How to Win Business Awards’. Not only did Denise generously provide us with great resources to again, better understand the task, but we were also allowed the flexibility to focus on areas we were comfortable in, or attempt things we haven’t before if we choose to do so.


Overall, this opportunity has let me learn and do new things which I would have never thought of attempting and has also given me a chance to see how the other interns have approached the tasks and exposing me to great ideas.



I am thankful for Denise and Purpol Marketing for this experience.