Internship Week 7 – Purpol shortlisted as Best Construction Supplier to Work for

Posted on August 1, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Awards, Bid Management, Marketing, PR, Uncategorised

First and foremost, I would love for all readers to please take a moment to vote for Purpol Marketing, who have been shortlisted as Best Construction Supplier to Work for. As a micro business this is huge success, and would be great for Purpol to get some recognition for the hard work Gavin and Denise do all year round!

This week we have continued to refine and revisit our direct mail campaign, and I’m really enjoying seeing this project through from start to finish. Having typed endless business cards in my first week which later formed our database, it’s really rewarding to see our own marketing strategies evolve through the weeks. Whilst creating email campaigns I have learnt that 100% self-promotion isn’t a successful formula. Instead, you need to strike a good balance, with a combination of human interest (e.g. new recruits), thought leadership, promotion and more!

Part of our social media marketing this week has involved creating infographics. With 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual, and 40% of people responding better to visual information rather than plain text, this a huge opportunity to convey messages for maximum impact. Marketing your company can be a headache, but we’ve helped demonstrate this week that it doesn’t have to be a daunting process. With the use of tools such as Microsoft Project and Hootsuite designed to make your marketing activity more convenient, you can schedule for small daily doses of activity.

From filling the Twittersphere with #PurpolTopTip’s for bid management, to drafting a section for a bid tender Purpol have been working on, this week has had more a bid focus. This morning I have been proof-reading one of Purpol’s bid documents, really letting me get under the skin of the procurement process. If you too have an interest in brushing up how to bid write bids more effectively, whether you already have experience of bid management or new to procurement and looking for an introduction into bid processes like me, Purpol have both introductory and advanced bid management workshops running in September.