Introduction Blog- 8/4/21 Holly Raidl Kickstart placement

Posted on April 8, 2021 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Kickstart, Mentoring Tags: , ,

Throughout the Kickstart scheme I am looking to gain further experience in marketing and to more generally understand how marketing works from a business driven perspective as my experience is more on the creative side of things. I have in the past had experience with making graphics and using social media to advertise organisations as well as my own webcomic. During this placement I am looking forward to building upon that knowledge whilst utilising the skills I already have. Knowing several small business owners has made me interested in learning more about developing businesses through marketing strategy. I have been able to see from an outsider’s perspective the kind of things which go into marketing businesses and I’m interested in learning ways to express these pre-existing ideas.

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend various career-orientated events and webinars as these will be useful in the development of my later career. Additionally allowing me the opportunity to gain confidence in networking and public speaking, something I have very little experience with. I am looking forward to being able to use my creative skills in a work environment, by making graphics and possibly exploring animation and video as well.

I’m intrigued to learn about charity grant writing and bid-writing as I feel like having a better understanding of what is required in both will be beneficial to my later career.

As well as this I am looking forward to building relationships with other people as getting to work with other people is something I have always enjoyed. Being able to review others’ work has always been of interest to me so I am looking forward to seeing others work- such as seeing the course which the previous Kickstart cohort produced during their time here.

Overall, I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge of marketing as well as developing my working relationships with people within the industry.