It is week 3 for Harmony, enjoying new aspects to her internship

Posted on July 1, 2019 by Categories: Intern, Keynote speaker, Strategy Tags: , , , ,

During my third week at Purpol Marketing I have been taken on some brand-new experiences and face some exciting new challenges in the weeks to come.

On Wednesday, I assisted Denise at a Partners in Procurement expo at UWE – Bristol. The event was filled like-minded marketing orientated people and various corporations from councils to small businesses. Various seminars were being held throughout the day regarding the marketing industry and how best to conquer it, with interesting talks from a multitude of establishments noting their personal experiences in their specialised trade. From sustainability to bid writing, the expo focused on a wide variety of topics related to procurement that are imperative to be successful in business.

It was great to watch Denise throughout the day and get hands-on industry experience from a practiced individual such as herself. Watching Denise’s presentation was also highly enlightening and reaffirmed key elements of the marketing and bidding that are crucial to implement if you wish to have a successful business. Furthermore, I am so glad I had the opportunity to film throughout the expo for an up-and-coming video series Purpol Marketing ltd is planning monetizing in the next few months. It was great to be able to implement filming, a fond skill that I greatly enjoy, into my work and I am excited to begin editing.

I have also greatly enjoyed proof-reading some of Denise’s new book, that share some incredible tips on gaining accreditations for your business. From what I’ve read so far it is looking to be a highly informative and relevant piece and I am excited to read the finished product.

Now, I am greatly looking forward to meeting the international interns, who will be joining us next week, and am preparing for a second expo with Denise in Swindon on July 4th, which I know will as educational as the last.