It is week 5 already for Harmony Knight on her Purpol Internship

My main jobs this week at Purpol Marketing Ltd has been centred around an upcoming video on Triumphant Tender Documents that will soon become available as an online marketing and bid writing course– adding to the list of hugely informative webinars already available on the Purpol website. The video will be very detailed, as Denise takes her audience on a crash-course filled with all of her industry knowledge. I am currently in the midst of making the course as clear and informative as possible and cannot wait to get what I’ve been working on out to the public.

I have also been assisting in research marketing tasks, that include gathering information and analysing different aspects of various companies. The work is very interesting and is a great experience for me as someone who desires to go into marketing. It is helpful to see what makes a company succeed and what attributes one should stay away from, whilst noting the importance of ever-changing social values in this modern world.

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet the international students at their last meeting this week due to prior engagements. However, I am delighted to hear that the meeting went well and look forward to hearing more about it from Denise when we next meet.

With the Triumphant Tender Documents soon to be finished, I am excited to see what I will be doing next and am sure that, after my experiences here at Purpol, I can apply myself to any task Denise hands me!