Kickstart Month 1 and 2 review Jordan Bridle

Posted on October 1, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

This review aims to provide a summary of my experience at the marketing agency Purpol, as an intern. Within this, I will be covering what I have developed so far from this role as well as what drew me towards this in the first place; all fundamental skills that I have developed that I consider useful or transferable, and the communication which I have received throughout the duration of my placement.

I saw this placement as a way of developing my skills in a professional environment, I was made aware of the focus on individual skills which I have enjoyed, as well as testing new and useful skills. As a Purpol Marketing intern I have also been able to discover different ways of utilising my pre-existing qualities. Furthermore, in this placement thus far I have learned how to develop my pre-existing knowledge of marketing quite extensively. Additionally, I have not only grown my confidence in my writing and my ability to contribute constructively to individual tasks, but I have developed my confidence as an individual and my outlook. I thoroughly enjoy graphics and art as a general hobby; this opportunity has given my passion a new light as I am able to see it as more of an asset which in turn builds my confidence in other fields.

I believe that strong communication is a true key to success especially in relation to businesses, and being a member of the Purpol Marketing team, I have been fortunate enough to be led by incredibly interactive and friendly people, especially Denise O’Leary. Denise has been an incredibly positive influence on me as her passion is inspiring and she has taught me a lot about business management and marketing. Additionally, the management I am currently under strives to maintain a strong relationship with each of their employees individually, and from my personal experience they are constantly available to contact with any queries that I may have as well as consistently

delivering all work-related tasks with an abundance of enthusiasm. Moreover, they have made everything very clear and concise due to the communication and it is very easy to understand the task layout and what is expected and required of me daily, thus as a result I do not find the need to worry. I can also say I have felt surrounded by a helpful and professional, yet enjoyable atmosphere since I first joined the Purpol Marketing team, and it makes me incredibly grateful to have been offered such a job.

Thus far I have experienced 2 months of working as a Purpol Marketing intern, where in which I have found this course and overall experience very intriguing and incredibly engaging. Most importantly, Purpol is extremely useful when relaying all relevant information and the steps i need to take in order to ensure I am successful with all I am doing. Not only have Purpol enhanced my knowledge in the field of marketing, but it has also given me overall understanding as to what I must do in order to enhance my job profile. Over the first month I have undergone an online course and webinar structure which at the time was a fresh experience for me.

However, I have found that my confidence really has developed strongly, as previously mentioned; and with my experience as a team leader, I have been able to perform and arrange tasks confidently. Being a team leader for our first task was not something that I am incredibly grateful for. I have found that not only the work we have been focusing on, but the ability to get to know and help my fellow team has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have as been giving feedback as well as receiving it which has also had a positive impact on my confidence as I feel appreciated for all work that I am involved in. additionally, I also appreciate the useful input I get from others as this makes for thoughtful conversation and useful skill development from more of a professional perspective.

Before taking this internship, I had a familiar yet not very comprehensive understanding of marketing. However this course has taught me about the fundamental use of marketing in everyday life and I find myself identifying certain marketing methods in the real world and using my understanding in real environments; for instance, I have always been aware about the use of colour in design when associated with branding however this course has further taught me about this in detail, and in turn I see this applied outside of this course for example McDonald’s using red and yellow colouring in their branding as these are psychologically proven to induce hunger, which McDonald’s subsequently uses to their advantage among many other businesses.

There are also various practical real-life situations in which the information I have obtained on the placement will become incredibly useful, whether that is the aspiration for future employment or the confidence skills. The guidance from Denise that I have been consistently receiving has enabled me to have truly understand my strengths and most importantly my weaknesses which has formed a strong foundation enabling me to start a journey to prosperity and success.

I previously have used social media however maybe not in ways that I have learned about since joining Purpol. I now understand the effect of social media as more of a tool for marketing and for building customer relations too, not only that but social medias such as LinkedIn which I have created a profile on under the guidance of Denise, will also benefit my job success greatly as it can help me build a relevant network to further develop my experience and skillsets.

Additionally, I have found that the tasks are formatted and presented in a very well-structured way with a strong sense of trust and reliability especially being set by a leader such as Denise. All tasks that I must complete are always relayed clearly through email, and all the information that I may be required to know is provided either through email or through my regular webinar meetings on Zoom. These meetings keep me feeling positive and focused on the tasks that I should be carrying out; I really enjoy this form of communication as it comes across warm and genuine with a real keen aim to help develop my skills and me as an individual.