Kickstart month 1 Blog Jordan Bridle

Posted on July 27, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

I recently enrolled as an intern for Purpol marketing, an opportunity I was made aware of through the kickstart scheme after further information provided within the subsequent interview; and I am absolutely delighted to be apart of the program.

Alongside the various awards and great reviews, the company and staff themselves have come across more than kind more helpful making the starting process incredibly efficient and easy. The positive aspects about this opportunity are plentiful; however I am looking forward especially to developing my graphics skills even more as I have a very strong passion outside of the work environment; and so this could not have been a better opportunity for me.

From creating infographics to advertisement and promotional material I have never been more excited to begin a new job and to develop and elaborate my pre-existing skills and acquire further skills and experience in the future as a result of this Purpol internship. Although my interests align with graphics, I had not appreciated or realised how strong a passion I had for marketing and all aspects related to the area of expertise.

Utilising tools that I already feel very familiar and confident with such as different social medias are seen in a new light and continually evolving; and I can use this knowledge for an incredibly productive use within Purpol from a different, yet new and informative perspective. I also found the magnificent marketing course very insightful into what this placement might entail.

Thus far this experience in the Purpol placement has been far from daunting, due to the easily understandable presentation content and its style; as well as the constant contact through email and I have found this incredibly useful. I feel connected and most importantly a part of a team and I am so honoured to have been offered this opportunity and I feel like a valued member already which was a reception that I was truly grateful for.