Kickstart month 3 review Jordan Bridle

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Community, Intern, Kickstart

This month we have been heavily focusing on course creation and luxury brand development, which involved 2 tasks which provided much intrigue; especially for somebody such as myself who is somewhat obsessed with the design and layout within brand development and these tasks thus far have really been some of my favourite to date.

Currently focusing on team-based exercises has also been very rewarding, having been in the fortunate position to have experienced group tasks in the leader position, and also as being a well-enthused member of the team. Collaborating ideas within a team and being under strong leadership is an incredibly successful asset to have, which has been demonstrated consistently all throughout my Purpol placement experience.

Additionally, whilst having been a member of the Purpol marketing team as a whole, I have been encouraged to prosper from the beginning and as a result I have found a stronger depth of confidence in both myself and the work I produce. This placement also hosts multiple beneficiary webinars and provides other useful material including that of the online courses.

Subsequently I have found that the courses that I have engaged with during this month have been very informative and exciting as well. I feel my marketing knowledge expanding to a great degree and my ability to apply that knowledge to other areas in work and other aspects in life is apparent and appreciable to myself and others, and this is as a result of the tremendous support and guidance I have received throughout my time in this Purpol marketing placement.

For our course creation as mentioned in last month’s blog, we are focusing on the truly important and interesting subject of net zero that has never been more relevant than in our current world and societies. It has continued to gain traction the further we have researched into the topic and the action plans in place to achieve net zero from a construction company’s perspective which has enabled myself and others in my position to gain incredibly useful and insightful knowledge from this, and as we reach our research conclusions from this course; it has still been a very powerful tool in understanding our current and ongoing world struggles.

I have created various graphics this month, firstly I designed a Facebook advert for an agency which was a task that initially I had already been looking forward to completing, and this really gave me the time and freedom to use a variety and range of my skills and talents which has been an incredibly rewarding and great feeling as with this task I was given creative freedom in which I really embraced this. Furthermore, I created various luxury brand names in which I had selected one to be brought forward to the design and research stage after making this decision and thus far I am very pleased with the outcome of the work I have produced in the various tasks and format, however like in any artistic journey you need to have strong perspective.

The way this placement’s work structure has been set out especially in relation to team tasks is really exciting to see as the broad range of ideas and insights every individual provides really inspires me to strive to produce the strongest level of work. In terms of months this has certainly been the best so far in terms of content and as always, the team at Purpol are great at making me feel welcome and reassured with any queries I may have, and subsequently all communication revolving around tasks set is always consistent and clear and as a result I know I can always turn to Denise for a friendly presence and strong guidance.

Most importantly Denise has made me feel like a true and real part of the team and for that amongst all that I have mentioned previously I am incredibly grateful to Denise. Even simple reassurance can go a long way and with Denise’s good will I never feel unsure about anything especially after asking for help, and lastly the consistently constructive feedback I get from Denise always encourages me more and more and her leadership is exceptional from my experience, and I have been led in the right direction since I began this placement. To reiterate, this month has stood out as being one of my favourites to have been a member of the Purpol marketing team and this has given me high hopes and positive expectations for the remainder of this placement.