Month 4 Blog by Charlotte Keki

Posted on November 27, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

I am now into month 4 and as I have said previously it just keeps getting better, I have learnt so much this month and I have had a few individual tasks to do which has been great, I have just created a infographic for our net zero course and I am currently making a power point presentation for a linked in step by step and creating a list of Linked in videos that other people have done to try and help with the setup of Linkedin.

We are currently getting ready to set up our kickstart my career gamification game and in my team we have just come up with a few ideas to do our team leader has been great with this and she has created a really good idea for this game. We have also come up with a logo for the luxury jewelry and my logo had been picked which was really great I couldn’t believe it my design had been chosen so I am very happy about that.

We have also just done a whitepaper on 3 videos that we watched, and I found this really interesting, there was so much to learn about branding and how to set up a good brand and that it does take time when setting up a good brand and that mistakes are fine you just learn from them. 

We are now coming into a new month and there is still loads more to do before I finish in January which I can’t believe is just a few months away, I have loved every minute working for purpol marketing and Denise has helped me so much.