My Second Month at Purpol Marketing -Kickstart Jack Watkins

Posted on September 27, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

What have I learned?

This second month at Purpol has been similar to the first month with lots of educational webinars, live and non-live ones to watch, reading the how to win a business award book and online courses made by Purpol. However, this second month has many new tasks to do with the start of the major team project we are doing in this Kickstart, and I am the Pink team focusing on the Impact of SME businesses are our main focus so far in creating an online Net Zero Course. Making this course so far has been great in collecting information, sources and communication and deciding what we are both best at with who’s recording voices, video, and editing.

This isn’t the only new topics I’ve been learning with as well the Google fundamentals of Digital Marketing which is a long 40 hour course that has its own qualification at the end useful for Marketing course I’ve now completed it and it went over basically everything you would need to know in Digital Marketing with customers, platforms, social media, lots more. Another set of educational webinars were also done this month on the importance of data, how to manage it, why data is extremely powerful, and how to drive more sales with sales and the legal requirements of holding it. After that there was useful Cyber security with great instructions on how to increase your security as an SME from attacks such as fraud, scams, viruses, and phishing, which is the most common attack in the current day. Finally, the last set was about crowdfunding with how to make a crowdfunding campaign, how to make people actually believe in your project and explain why you need crowdfunding to achieve your goal with downsides, upsides, and how to manage expectations of a completed project.

What have I enjoyed?

I’ve enjoyed the continued learning with tons of webinars with the live ones and pre-recorded ones while some only have little knowledge nuggets. They mostly add a lot of extra knowledge about online marketing and its great to increase my notes and be able to go back to 24 pages of notes. This month being able to work in a group has made it more enjoyable for me as the discussion of the subjects we have learned can be used to help make an online course which makes the research and webinars give them more purpose as they go towards educating more people. My favourite new tasks this month have probably been the Net Zero group project and the webinars on Crowdfunding and Cyber Security.