New Intern Blog, Week 1 Josh Corscadden

The first week of my summer placement has been a week of introductions and gaining familiarity with the Purpol Marketing way. On Monday I immediately started on the magnificent marketing and better way to bid courses that helped reinforce topics that I had studied at university and introduce new topics to help my understanding of the marketing and bidding processes. With both courses completed I was set the task of thinking how I would market these courses to my peers at university which I would have to prepare for our first group meeting in week two.

Tuesday saw the task of sorting through the magnificent marketing presentation and qualifying the links in this presentation as either useful or not useful to the overall result. I found this task useful as I have had to find relevant links to all points I make in my coursework at university, so to evaluate the relevance of links was a good challenge. I also helped to fill in a press release about my joining of Purpol marketing.

On Wednesday my tasks for the rest of the week were set – I had to create a infographic on the new how to win awards presentation based on the success of Pinterest infographics. After this task I was to begin sifting through previous bid reports finding key words and useful terminologies specific for bid writing that I could one day go on to use. I knew this task was important for my future development in this placement.

Thursday was a day spent looking at examples of infographics and then sculpting my own – taking inspiration from these. As well as this I made a start on the keywords works that I had prepared by hand to then type up later in the week. On Friday I had my first look at white-papers and with this the task to find relevant links online that could be linked to the points made in these whitepapers. This task was similar to the master links task earlier in the week and I was able to begin to reading through the papers and searching online before the week end.

My first week has gone very quickly but I feel it was enjoyable to be able to see what the bid writing process is and what it takes to succeed in this process. To work from home was enjoyable as I could take each activity at my own pace but still be in contact with Denise and the team whenever I was unsure. In week two I will be getting to meet the team and push forward with my bid writing activities.