On G-Cloud 12 – Bid and Marketing Experts Purpol Marketing win places on latest Framework.

Bid management experts Purpol Marketing are practicing what they preach by successfully bidding and winning  places on the prestigious G-Cloud 12 National Government Framework.

Not only did they win places for Purpol Marketing itself, but for the two clients supported as well so enjoying a 100% success level.

G-Cloud is the Crown Commercial Services framework offering buyers the opportunity to procure ICT services across different lots, enabling buyers to use specialist consultants. As the Government continues to move to one central platform for all procurement services, G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace has received significant support from the Cabinet Office.

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. G-Cloud services are divided into 3 categories, or ‘lots’:

  • cloud hosting, for example content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • cloud software, for example accounting tools or customer service management software
  • cloud support, for example migration services or ongoing support

Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (or ‘call-off contract’) for each service bought through a framework.

Purpol Marketing are delighted to be featured under the Cloud support element for the submitted services:

  • Bid writing services
  • Grant Writing Services

To become a G-Cloud approved supplier, organisations had to prove their expertise. Only consultants that understand the market and technologies with an expert level candidate network are selected.

Managing Director Denise O’Leary commented –

“We are thrilled to have retained our place on the G cloud Framework for the 3rd year running, but also most importantly help our clients to win places on the framework for the first time.

In this challenging climate, public procurement is a priority for businesses and having the UK government as a client is a very special accolade as a business as well as a commercial imperative.”

Denise continued “We live and breathe bid writing to help our clients to win and we work across many sectors across the UK so it made sense to make sure we had a prominent presence on the framework as Purpol. By winning lot places for both Bid and Grant writing, we have put ourselves in the position to be selected from when clients are looking to procure bid writing and grant writing expertise.”

The G-Cloud 12 is the 12th generation of the framework and went live on September 28th 2020 and is scheduled to run for a year.