Purpol 8-Week Internship Review Georgina Newham

Posted on September 19, 2020 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Intern, Magnificent Marketing Tags: ,

I first started working for Purpol when doing a 50-hour internship where I and the other interns had to complete a project of creating a marketing campaign for a new course created by Purpol. This internship was extended to be an 8 week Santander internship, all of which was completed remotely.

When I started working with Purpol Marketing, I noted the lack of subtitles on the courses available as I had seen a statistic that approximately 80% of people using captions for reasons other than hearing loss. I appreciate that Denise took this on board and tasked me with captioning a couple of the online courses, as well as adding slides and additional content. Through this, I learned a lot about the benefit of online courses as an additional business revenue stream and as a form of automation and aiding customers without worrying about not having the time to meet face-to-face. As a film graduate, I had not been predisposed to the business world so learning about it from both these online courses that I was captioning and from Denise, was an invaluable asset.

I was also tasked to create a couple of animations that were meant to marketing a couple of the Thinkific courses. I completed one of the animations in the previous internship and set out to mimic the style in a second accompanying one. I was grateful to be able to use my knowledge of adobe in a marketing context and to be able to showcase my skills. While it was within my skill set, I challenged myself with creating this animation in a motion graphic style and pushed myself to do something I was less accustomed to.

Denise was accommodating and helpful, answering any questions I had as well as being an understanding employer. She was always able to fit in a chat if needed and was a great mentor. All in all, the last 8 weeks have been great and taught me so much about not only marketing but also the business world.