Purpol Placement is perfect for Harmony

Over the past several years, Purpol Marketing have welcomed numerous interns into their business and continue to whole-heartedly adhere to implementation of millennials in the work-place – this year is no different. Purpol facilitate local young-adults with real-world experience and exciting job opportunities, international-students included. Their all-inclusive attitude is ubiquitous throughout the company and is an appreciable quality in Denise’s leadership of the firm as Managing Director and Founder.

Newest intern, Harmony Knight from Bath Spa University, couldn’t be more thrilled with the prospects to come in her summer placement and states that “What I have seen so far from working at Purpol Marketing is an outstanding level of professionalism and innovation in the company’s work ethic. Denise has been clear and concise in the weeks leading up to the internship and has done everything she can to find projects directly linked to my interest and skills.” After Purpol, Harmony intends to find more work in the Digital Marketing industry and believes that “It’s (Purpol) the perfect opportunity to fine-tune my skills and learn from an already established and successful business that facilitates young-adults, such as myself, just starting out in the industry. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Starting July, I will be joined by several international interns who will assist in marketing strategies and digital advancements, and I very much look forward to working with them, all learning together under Denise’s guidance to develop meaningful marketing strategies for Purpol’s clients. For now, I am enjoying learning about Bidding through Purpol’s ‘Better Way to Bid’ online course and absorbing key marketing skills from the company’s Marketing Strategy online course ‘Magnificent Marketing’. With Purpol being a highly inclusive establishment, that works with various business types, there is much to learn. As well as leadership from the impeccable Denise who, in November 2018, won the Best Business Woman in Marketing or PR award and is a 2018 Enterprise Nation Top 50 Adviser.

With 2019 well-under-way, and ample amounts of new business opportunities in store in the coming summer months, Purpol Marketing Limited could not be more excited to be joined by the new members of the intern team. Purpol strongly believe that through this collaboration there will be an enhancement in the company and in the minds of the young people working with them.

Purpol Marketing provides marketing and bid strategy consulting, specialising in the construction sector. Founded by Denise O’Leary and established for 5 years, Purpol have so far helped secure £3.5bn of project opportunity for their clients, maintaining their enviable 95% win rate.