Purpol supports Ashwin with remote internship.

Ashwin Chettiar wrote the following blog to explain his Internship Blog at PURPOL MARKETING!

“Starting my internship at Purpol Marketing, I was eager but unsure of what to expect. My mentor, Denise, greeted me with warmth and a roadmap that promised a deep dive into digital marketing over six weeks. Reflecting on this journey, it feels like a whirlwind of learning, creativity, and growth.
The first task handed to me was the “Better Way to Bid” course, a treasure trove of strategies and insights into crafting winning bids, followed closely by the “How to WIN
Grants” course. These weren’t just introductory courses; they were my first real steps into understanding the intricacies of marketing and the art of persuasion. I wasn’t just
learning; I was applying these lessons by exploring funding opportunities for charities and understanding the impact of well-crafted bids on securing projects or grants.
One of my memorable early tasks was diving into the world of crowdfunding for the Cherishers Community Enterprise project. I was tasked with finding appealing rewards from Virgin Experiences to include in our crowdfund. This task was my first real taste of the importance of engagement and incentive in marketing. It was fascinating to see how the right rewards could entice donations, teaching me the subtle art of incentive-based marketing.
Shortly after these initial tasks, I ventured into a fascinating aspect of digital marketing: creating content with AI tools. Leveraging Playground AI, I designed marketing posts and crafted a video tutorial on using AI for marketing purposes. This was particularly intriguing for me, as I had previously created content for my YouTube channel. Applying those skills in a new format, to craft professional marketing materials, presented a unique and exciting challenge. It was a blend of creativity and technology, showcasing the innovative ways digital marketing can leverage AI to streamline processes and enhance creativity.
The culmination of my internship involved a deep dive into the Charity Excellence portal, a task that enriched my understanding of the non-profit sector and the power of grants. This experience was more than just research; it was an exploration of the potential impacts of marketing on societal betterment. Identifying potential grants for Cherishers 811 CIC was not only a practical application of my skills but also a reminder of the broader purpose of marketing in driving positive change.
As I neared the end of my internship, I focused on creating graphics that showcased Purpol Marketing’s services. This creative process was the essence of my internship
experience—combining marketing knowledge with design skills to produce content that resonated with our target audience. Each graphic was a piece of the larger narrative of what I had learned and accomplished during my time at Purpol Marketing.
Reflecting on my internship, it’s clear that the journey was one of profound personal and professional growth. Under Denise’s mentorship, I learned the importance of creativity, strategic thinking, and the innovative use of technology in marketing. Transitioning from a novice to someone confident in their marketing abilities, I realised the transformative power of this experience. It wasn’t just about the skills I had developed; it was about discovering new ways to communicate, engage, and inspire through digital marketing.
This internship was not merely a chapter in my career but a pivotal experience that has equipped me with a deep understanding of digital marketing’s dynamic and
ever-evolving nature. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to meaningful projects, learned from an industry expert, and developed skills that will undoubtedly shape my professional journey ahead.”

Very well done Ashwin on such a great placement!