Second Month Blog- 7/6/21 Holly Raidl Kickstart Placement

Posted on June 6, 2021 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Kickstart Tags: , ,

My second month at Purpol Marketing has already ended. It’s going so quickly, and I appreciate getting the time to reflect on what I have been working on.
This past month I completed the ‘Better Way to Bid’ course, learning the basics of bid writing. Giving me the confidence to begin taking on my own project- constructing and adding to a bid library. The main bulk of my work over the past month resulted in me starting this at the end of the month. It’s been an interesting challenge to learn how to structure a document in an accessible way.

I also wrote a white paper on the topic of helping ‘Small businesses Recover from the Pandemic,’ using information from my own research as well as what I have learnt about business and marketing over the last two months.

Throughout the month I have made several infographics aiming to provide basic information about aspects of marketing such as creating engaging content and making your ecommerce appealing. I also did a little work on the marketing plan for the ‘Kickstart your Career,’ course completing some initial research.
As well as this I have been attending more webinars to gain more information about topics such as producing a social media strategy, future proofing your business, and wellbeing. The very last thing I did this month was create a poster to advertise the ‘Kickstart my Career’ course.