Some thoughts from our Kickstarters after 2 months!

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‘I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Purpol, working here has provided me with a wealth of opportunity to broaden my horizons and skillset, as well as do work that I enjoy.’

Matt Williams


‘On this internship I am gaining valuable knowledge and skills in the field of marketing and hopefully will become more employable.’

Ilana Day


‘Like many recent graduates I had been struggling to get work during the pandemic and was concerned about the ever-increasing gap on my CV. But the kickstart scheme has made a massive difference for me. I’m learning new and practical skills that will look great on my CV with support from an industry expert. Most importantly it’s really helped my mental health; facing long term unemployment during the pandemic was having a severe negative impact that I’m sure many can relate to. The Kickstart scheme has provided me a purpose each day and given me hope to strive for a career after this.’

Caroline Todd


‘Being on the Purpol Marketing kickstart scheme has allowed me to be a part of a multi-award-winning company, where I have been able to work alongside a new group of talented young minds.

The scheme has also help me to gain confidence, build on communication skills and has allowed me the freedom to be creative in all my work.’

Aneesha Aslam


‘From being on this Kickstart scheme, I am gaining incredibly helpful guidance and information on my desired career path in digital marketing and greatly improving on skills that I, before the kickstart scheme, struggled with.’

James Owens


‘Being enrolled on the Kickstart Scheme with Purpol Marketing, has proven to be hugely beneficial to me. The Kickstart Scheme has provided me with training packages, webinars and mentoring, with the added benefit of being paid as if an employee. A big thankyou to Denise O’Leary (MD of Purpol Marketing Ltd) for taking us all on, for your kind courtesy, and for providing us with structured learning, resources and training. Matt Percox (Marketing Intern – Purpol Marketing Ltd).’

Matt  Percox


‘As a graduate trying to enter the marketing world, the Kickstart Scheme has provided me with a solid foundation of skills to take to my future employer. I believe completing the six month scheme, will make me an attractive candidate and put me ahead of my competitors when applying to future marketing roles.’

Maiya  Todd


‘I was on universal credit from June to November 2020 before being accepted on the Kickstart scheme. Like everyone else, this was a challenging time for me but getting on to the scheme was the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pre pandemic I was searching high and low for an internship/placement within in Marketing & Design. My issue was that I live in a town where there are not a lot of opportunities. I had also already graduated from university, and most placements require you to be in either your 2nd or final year of university studies to apply.

Ever since we started back in November, Denise has been very welcoming and understanding of our situation and is always offering support. Although we only work part-time hours, we are given enough time to really work on building and learning new skills. From online courses to webinars and online workshops, we have been giving more than enough resources to kickstart our careers in the world of Digital Marketing.

I hope that more employers will take notice of the Kickstart scheme. They get the funding for employing us, and we get the skills and experience. It is a win-win situation. A pandemic should not stop the chance of young people gaining opportunities. The power of remote working is great, and I feel that more companies should adapt to make more opportunities available.’

Amie McDonald