Week 1 of my Internship – Harmony Knight

With my first week at Purpol Marketing Limited completed, I have found myself settling in to my new working life with great ease. Assisted by informative and helpful direction from Denise, and interesting activities to complete, there is never a dull moment.

One of the many projects I have been working on in my first week is gathering marketing content and examining said marketing content for future use at Purpol Marketing Limited. Purpol are hugely orientated to keeping their marketing content up-date-to to provide their customers with the most efficient content possible, so this was a very important task. As well as this, I have been given full access to the entirety of Purpol’s online courses which give intensive strategic lessons on building better marketing campaigns and general marketing knowledge, as well as specific online lectures on creating and developing Bids. In addition to these jobs I have also been tasked with completing general business research throughout the company and have enjoyed being involved in the writing of recent press releases.

With career goals that revolve around marketing/digital marketing, I am finding my time at Purpol to be incredibly useful to my future career aspects and am keen to learn more. I look forward to continuing work for the remaining 9 weeks of my placement and am overjoyed at the prospect of continuing to learn key industry skills from a female driven company, and a cooperation that is one of the most successful in its field.