Week 1 at Purpol Marketing Elizabeth Davenport

My first week at Purpol Marketing Limited is over already- and what a week it has been! It’s surreal to think that after months of applications, admin and planning, my internship is finally in full swing.

My week started with a lovely meeting at The Angel Hotel- my first time meeting the rest of the Purpol team. After introducing ourselves to one another and to the company, we got to work brainstorming potential routes to market for Purpol’s new online training course Magnificent Marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this process in action and, after shaking those first-day nerves, even felt confident enough to input some of my own ideas. We also put together some promo packs featuring the infamous Purpol pens, which will be included in goody bags at an event next week.

My first day working remotely from home went really well- I didn’t allow myself to hit that snooze button and I made sure to get away from my desk periodically to keep my mind fresh. I also created my own daily diary; a place where I can jot down the tasks I get done each day. Not only will this make my weekly blog posts much easier! But it will also come in handy when formulating CVs for future employers upon graduation.

Some of my first tasks were to research networking events and expos in my area and feed them back to the team- I definitely hope to attend some of these during my time at Purpol. I also wrote a press release collaboratively with my fellow interns, to get the word out about the great changes happening here at Purpol. The release was picked up by Wiltshire’s Business Biscuit here http://www.businessbiscuit.com/appointments/4260-purpol-five.

The next few days found me completing the Magnificent Marketing course myself, as well as getting stuck into a training course on Bid Writing- more of which will come later in my internship. I was also tasked with writing several Whitepapers on the topics of marketing strategy, segmentation and routes to market. Despite the extensive writing I do as an English student at university, I am new to the concept of a ‘Whitepaper’, and so this was definitely the most daunting task set this week! I have started by researching the content for my first paper, ‘why is marketing strategy important?’ and plan to bulk it out come Monday morning. Wish me luck!

As my first week comes to a close, I am surprised at how much I have already learnt, from discovering local chambers of commerce and trade to realising just how many routes to market there are! With all my new knowledge, I already feel somewhat part of the marketing industry.

Next week is set to be as eventful and insightful as my first, with plans to attend the Natwest Boost event on Tuesday and, of course, I have my Whitepapers to look forward to! I can’t wait to see what the next eleven weeks have in store for me here at Purpol Marketing.