Week 10 at Purpol Marketing by Intern Robbie Warren

A short week this week! After a lovely bank holiday Monday, it was back to work! The week started with more research into boiler maintenance for one of our clients, looking at different offers and messaging that different companies use. When that was all done, it was back to a whitepaper I’d started last week about how to build a standout brand.

This has been an interesting topic as I’ve not written much about branding in the past but it was one that I enjoyed. Since finishing that, I’ve been writing my next one. A completely new topic to me! It was about what are the business imperatives with websites and SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and whilst I’ve heard about it, it’s not something I’d researched or written about.

This was an interesting one to write as it took more research than others I had done. it was interesting to find out what’s recommended when building a website as well as what can be done to optimise a website for a search engine. Almost done with this one and only two weeks left of the internship. Where has the time gone?!