Week 10 at Purpol Marketing

Posted on August 20, 2016 by Categories: Uncategorised

Firstly, I am pleased to say that I will be extending my contract with Purpol Marketing, staying for another 3 weeks. I look forward to packing a few extra projects under my belt before I head back to uni.

We have secured a new retained relationship with a client, and I have been helping Purpol to form their business profile. To do this, I have conducted a competitor analysis and formed a library of case studies to orchestrate the work they have done up to date. This will be beneficial in working with the client as we now have a ‘go to’ folder when a tender comes up.

I have also taken our online activity to new levels this week, creating an Instagram and Pinterest account. These are the perfect place to showcase our infographics as the sites rely heavily on visual focus. Find us on Instagram at purpol_marketing 2014 on Instagram and Purpol Marketing on Pinterest.

Brand Management- Reputation

I also had my first Webinar this week on ‘How to plan social media marketing content’, held by Luan Wise for Enterprise Nation. This was truly insightful and concerned the worries of creating and distributing relevant content. The main lesson learned from this masterclass was that content marketing is more concerned with what your company stands for, not what you sell, and you should therefore tell a story with your content. It also highlighted that there is no one tactic to use in your social media activity, but requires you to plan, test, and measure and react depending on the response. When writing content from now on I will pay more consideration to what the audience will be interested in and not always what you want to get across (the key here being relevance).

Denise has helped me this week to chose my dissertation topic, and with her extensive experience within the marketing industry is an opinion I value. Following discussions, I will be writing my dissertation on direct mail campaigns and what content is most effective.