Week 11 at Purpol Marketing by Robbie Warren Marketing Assistant

Posted on September 8, 2017 by Categories: Intern, Magnificent Marketing, Strategy Tags: , , ,

This past week or so has been focused on writing up some whitepapers. I started with finishing and checking a whitepaper about the business imperatives for websites and SEO. This was a very interesting topic as I had not explored Search Engine Optimisation in any great depth before, despite it being an interesting and increasingly relevant topic in marketing.

The remainder of the week was spent on researching and writing a whitepaper about Incentives. The main topic was about how they are used and how to get the most out of them. This, again, was something that required more research to get myself up to speed on what was available. Incentives in business are something that are all around us, from the discounts to the loyalty cards.

Ending the week with research for the next one, it was hard to believe I’ve only got one week left of my internship. I’ve certainly learned a lot and I’m excited to meet again with my colleagues next week for our final meeting to reflect on our time here. It will be a busy last week but the experience I’ve gained will be useful to me for years and years to come!