Week 12 – end of internship at Purpol Marketing by Robbie Warren

Here it is! My final week! My time during this internship has flew by and I’m very lucky to have been a part of it. It’s certainly been a busy week. On Monday I wrote a whitepaper on cutting through the noise of social media and writing a summary of what I’ve learned during my internship. The whitepaper was a very interesting one that I enjoyed writing as it is a relevant topic in today’s marketing world. Writing the summary was very interesting as when I was looking back on what I’d done, there was more than I remembered!
My next day involved writing my second of four whitepapers this week. This one focused on public speaking and how to cut out the fear of it. I found this one to not only be interesting, but also useful. Public speaking is something I don’t get on with and to research how other people deal with it was useful knowledge and something I’d recommend. On Tuesday I also wrote a testimonial about the difference that this placement has made to me both as a person and career wise.

Then it came to Wednesday and onto another whitepaper. This time, writing about driving customer loyalty. This was a good one to write as I hadn’t considered customer loyalty much in my work before and made me more aware of yet another aspect of the key parts of marketing.

Following that came a drive over to Chippenham for our final meeting! The day consisted of discussing our ideas for website design, the Purpol brand and creating a mail campaign for one of our clients. It was a very enjoyable day that also brought us to discussing Denise’s upcoming trip to Dubai to be the keynote speaker at the Big 5 International Building and Construction show at the Dubai World Trade Centre! This shows the importance of the small business and a very exciting opportunity for Purpol to get it’s name spread around the world.

Today, my final day, I’ve been focused on my final whitepaper. This one has been about the importance of having a Customer Relationship Management System. Writing this one was a challenge at first because I hadn’t looked into or written about CRM systems ever before, it was a very interesting one to write and taught me about what they do and how they can help businesses retain customers.

Looking back on my internship, it has taught me more than I could have imagined. So far, I hadn’t had much of a chance to show my creativity. But, at this placement, it became something I was doing and enjoying. Creating designs for a variety of things has shown me that it’s something I’d be interested in in the future. I’ve also been taught a lot in general by the writing of whitepapers. The variety of topics and the level of understanding needed is something I wouldn’t have gained at school or university. I’m very grateful to Purpol Marketing for having me be part of the team for the past three months. For that, I’d like to say thank you. It has been an enjoyable experience that will benefit me for years to come.