Week 12 – the last of my first phase internship by Emily Marks

A slightly late post, but week 12 marks the end of my first three months at Purpol! It has been such an invaluable experience and I have learnt so much, from MailChimp to Hootsuite, marketing campaigns, website design and copywriting. Luckily for me, this isn’t my last week at Purpol as I shall be staying on for a few more months which is exciting as there are various projects I will be involved in as well as continuing my current work.

The fact that this should have been the end of my internship made me think about what I have learnt since starting in July and my list is pretty impressive. Last week I wrote my first ever press release and finished working on a research report for a client. The amount of research I have done for clients has been a really useful part of my internship. While university undoubtedly provided me with extensive research experience, English Literature required a very different approach to industry research. Research for marketing/business purposes means looking into an industry and who does what and what is done well and what is done not so well. It also requires building excel documents and the reports are obviously very different to essays not only in terms of content but also in style, language and layout.

My internship has also provided me with the confidence to write copy that is very different to the essays I have written. From whitepapers to blog posts and press releases, as well as content for websites, adverts, marketing campaigns and emails, I have learnt how to adapt my copy to fit the right tone of voice and style needed. This, for me, is one of the best things I have got out of working at Purpol as for any career in marketing or even publishing I need these skills and I now have a lot of evidence to show I can do this. Similarly, the proofreading and editing skills are equally valuable.

The next few months are shaping up to be equally invaluable to my future and I shall be eternally grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have been given by Denise to try different things and be involved in so many different projects.