Week 13 at Purpol Marketing- Elizabeth Davenport returns as intern

Having finished university a few weeks ago, I have returned to Marketing, joining Denise, Gavin and the team for round 2! I was going to start these blog posts afresh, beginning once again with ‘week 1’, but I have instead decided to continue them in the same way that I am continuing my journey with . So here is what I got up to during my [technically] thirteenth week as part of the Purpol team.

The early part of my week was spent catching up on the exciting new projects going on at . I familiarised myself with the new ‘Better Way to Bid’ online course, similar to last year’s ‘Magnificent Marketing’ but with a focus on how to secure tendering success. Accompanying this is a Bid Management eBook that, combined with the course, has really helped me get to grips with the complex process of procurement and the legislation that comes with it. While marketing is an all-encompassing element that I thoroughly enjoy, it’s exciting to simultaneously witness the other side of Denise and Gavin’s expertise.

Other tasks this week have included copywriting, proofreading, editing and creating brand new infographics for upcoming projects- but these must be kept under wraps for now! I’m really grateful to Denise for including me in projects right from week 1 of my internship, allowing me to see a project right through from beginning to end, which is both satisfying and rewarding.

Working remotely from home, keeping in touch with the rest of the team via email and telephone, has been similarly successful. I wasn’t sure how quickly I would re-adjust to a home setting following another year of attending classes, but with a dedicated office space and a new puppy for company, I’ve gotten into the swing of it superbly and am now thoroughly looking forward to the next 11 weeks. In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again at the team meeting next week, as well as meeting my new fellow intern Josh- welcome to the family!