Week 2 of my internship by Harmony Knight

My second week at Purpol Marketing has gone quickly and I am continuing to complete a wide variety of thought-provoking tasks that allow me to grow my skill sets every day.

During this week I have been tasked with more market research and have been developing sitemaps. During this time, I have acquired skills that help me to understand complex online algorithms and structures that make for the most effective user-friendly and successful websites. I have also been conducting research into marketing content and have been given access to a variety of online marketing content with the intent of using said content to create to make the ultimate marketing strategies.

I am excited to begin proof-reading for some of Denise’s up-and-coming ventures that will allow me to expand my marketing knowledge and become increasingly educated on the complexities of the industry. I will also soon be researching and establishing ideas for upcoming brand launches for essential companies Purpol manage. I am more than excited to be a part of such important tasks and believe that, with the training I have already received here at Purpol, my capabilities are thriving, and I am equipped to complete any task at hand.

I look forward to any more work coming my way and am eager to learn as much as possible during my time at Purpol Marketing