Week 2 at Purpol Marketing by Bronwyn

Posted on June 24, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Marketing

One thing this week has taught me is that no day will ever been the same. It has continued to be exciting and refreshing, providing me with the opportunity to participate in so many varied roles on a day-to-day basis.

The week begun liaising with a client in order to improve their website and help suggest ways it will become a more workable tool. To do this, we really had to get into the ‘heads’ of consumers and establish the journey their customers make. I’ve really enjoyed working with SMEs, gaining insight into the ways they channel growth- some rely on testimonials, others look for search engine optimisation and others rely on social media coverage.

We finally finished the data entry! 809 business cards later we can now begin to create a media campaign. To utilize this, I have been working with Gavin who has helped me familiarise myself with software such as MailChimp and Hootsuite. As a person who is generally tech savvy, I have learnt how to use software I didn’t even know existed until now! From organising social media roll out with scheduling tools, optimising client reach, creating template media formats and monitoring click-through behaviour, all will be essential to a campaign. This will become a vital talent in future as a way to optimise client reach, in an efficient and effective way.

Denise welcomes Bronwyn to Purpol Marketing

I have continued to write award entries on behalf of Purpol and hope to help the company be recognised for the innovative organisational culture. I have learnt how they successfully maintain an exemplary equilibrium between business growth and customer care, retaining a 95% bid success rate on behalf of clients.

Next week I will be attending the South West Expo in Swindon. With a range on offer- including keynote speakers, speed networking and success secrets- this will offer food for thought. Here, I hope to refine my skill set and put to use in the up and coming projects in the proceeding weeks.

Once again I owe such a successful week to both Denise and Gavin who have continued to be enthusiastic mentors and add value and insight to my business degree.