Week 2/3 at Purpol Marketing – Robbie Warren

After a week off on holiday, I started back at Purpol on Wednesday. This begun with writing a little introduction about me for the ‘Meet the Team’ section of our website as well as catching up on anything that I’d missed including reading some new articles about Purpol and yet another award that we have been nominated for! It was certainly a bit disorientating having a holiday so soon after starting but I’m ready to be back and going again!

My larger task over the past few days was to research and write a whitepaper about the importance of SWOT analysis and its practical applications. A very interesting topic, one that I’d had a bit of background knowledge of but I learned even more about when considering its application within business. A SWOT analysis looks at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a business and is an extremely useful tool. This is something you can find out more about on our online Magnificent Marketing course.

We’re at the end of the week now and I’m ready to start my next work writing about competition in business and why we should learn from competitors. My time here at Purpol is flying by but it’s definitely enjoyable. It’s been a short post this week because of my late start but I’m ready to be back on track for the next week!