Week 3 at Purpol Marketing – Elizabeth Davenport

I can’t believe I am here writing another blog post about my activities this week- my third week with Purpol Marketing would you believe. Seriously, where is time going?!
I used this week to really hone my whitepaper writing skills. After struggling to get into the flow last week, having been unfamiliar with most of the terminology and business theory, this week has strengthened my technique and speed at writing papers and their corresponding blog-style articles.
My whitepaper topics have ranged from target market segmentation and alternative routes to market, to the use of technology in supporting customer acquisition. These are some big topics that I feel proud to have taken on board and learn so much about. Thinking back to my time at university, reading Dostoevsky and critiquing nineteenth-century French society, I certainly never thought that I would be spending my summer writing about the validity of the seven P’s! But I have surprised myself- and my mum!- by really enjoying the opportunities and learning curves that my internship is throwing at me.
Towards the end of the week, Denise entrusted me with the beginnings of another task somewhat different to what I’ve been doing so far in my internship. So far, this new project has had me using Excel spreadsheets and exploring online resources such as Apil and TopService, in order to collate financial data. As a very research-focused project, this is definitely something I know and love. More on that next week though- when there is more to tell!
An aspect of my internship that I’ve been really loving this week is the contact Denise has with all us interns. We keep in contact with regular phone calls and emails, so I never feel alone despite working remotely. Denise also shares what she has been up to even when it doesn’t directly involve me, which I’m sure my fellow interns will agree, really helps us feel like part of the Purpol family. Speaking of which, I’m so excited for the next team meeting in a few weeks!