Week 4 at Purpol by Intern Robbie Warren

My fourth week at Purpol Marketing has involved something new and exciting yet again. My task for the beginning of the week was to design a marketing campaign for our Magnificent Marketing course. This is something I took great interest in and was excited about completing.
Being more creative with my own ideas is something I’ve not done in a professional setting before and I found this to be something I could have more fun with. It certainly is a learning experience here at Purpol.

When this was over and done with and I had ended up with a campaign that I was happy with, I moved onto my next whitepaper. The topic for this was competition and the importance of learning from your competitors. This is something I had never written about before and again was something I had found interesting to research and consider.

The tasks I’ve completed this week have taught me new things. This is one of the many reasons I thoroughly enjoy working at Purpol Marketing. As my first taste of marketing, this really is one I enjoy.

As for next week, it’s off to Chippenham again for another exciting meeting with my colleagues!