Week 5 at Purpol Marketing by blogging Bronwyn

Posted on July 16, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Marketing, PR Tags: , ,

Another action packed week! I’m nearly half way through my placement and have already learned an invaluable amount! I started off the week with client meetings. This reinforced the value of establishing a customer journey, in relation to which channels of communication and strapline should be used for different segments of the target members.

I have been looking to add to our own website content, in particular writing about our membership with Business Against Poverty. I’ve helped to finesse our emailing campaign for maximum impact. We’re also in the midst of award season. Denise has found a selection of new awards we have potential to be successful in, and I will be busy in the next week drafting entries!

Towards the end of this week Denise and I attended an Inspire Partner Meeting. Exciting discussions were held considering the potential for putting members of Inspire first for thought for both collaborations or as associates to fulfil work. It was beneficial to be given the chance to discuss this concept with other members. It highlighted that even in a field of work such as marketing there are such different areas but all interlink, from web development to Internet marketing. It also showed the ability in future to fulfil more work opportunities with this contact base in mind. As part of the feedback, a couple of concerns were raised; mainly the entry point of collaborations and how lead generations would be formed. Denise made positive contributions during this discussion, suggesting a database of partners that could be referred to, in order to facilitate these leads. This meeting confirmed that people from other businesses and within industry sectors often aren’t competitors, but actually a point of reference.

This week Purpol Marketing have had several potential leads on bid writing. This will offer a chance to experience the other side of the company and learn more about the tendering process.