Week 5 at Purpol Marketing by Emily Marks

I woke up to some fantastic news this morning Purpol Marketing are winners for the Best Construction Supplier to Work With (Under £25m) at the Construction Enquirer Awards 2017. This is amazing news that not only adds to Purpol’s growing list of award success but proves what an amazing company we are. As a micro business that has won in a category where businesses potentially ten times larger than ours could have won, this is an amazing feet and such a credit to Denise and Gavin’s hard work. I feel very privileged to be one of just a few people who are working at this amazing company!

There’s not much that can top that news this week, so this post is probably a little more brief than normal. I finally finalised my modular build research and this was sent off to the client and I have had some good feedback from Denise about it which is really exciting. Considering that I had never done this sort of research before, I was a little nervous about how good my work was so it is always good to know that I have been successful!

I have spent the rest of the week catching up on the list of whitepapers that needed doing as I had very little time last week – finished two and have three written that I am currently editing, so a productive week! These ones have been particularly interesting to research and write as I have been learning a lot that could help me in the future as well – one is about how to network which has been really interesting and I have found out things that may be useful to me later in life.

I am looking forward to next week after a phone call from Denise who has given me some new projects to work on – entering a few more awards (fingers crossed we will be as successful in these as we have been in the Construction Enquirer Awards) and also beginning to build a bid library for a client which will be really interesting and will hopefully get me more familiarised with the bid writing process.