Week 5 At Purpol Marketing

It’s been yet another busy week here at Purpol and my 5th week working here too. I was starting out the week with adding some decent chunks of writing to our upcoming award ceremony. The award that I was working this week was for the Creative Marketing category, starting from scratch and writing the whole entry. This week has been a week of to-do lists, there have been many projects underway this week, and I’m pleased to say that I kept on top of it all and knocked quite a few things off the list!

One of these projects that I have been working on is our latest EBook, this latest edition will be a big one. We haven’t finished yet and we are already around the 100-page mark! Still, all in a day work! This particular book will be giving hints and tips to business owners who want to improve their marketing strategy.

Another big project that I have been working on this week is researching and designing a PowerPoint based of marketing for export. This PowerPoint will be used a base line for other upcoming projects that we are planning to produce. Some of these projects are; a training video, presentations, and the possibility of turning it into anther EBook to along side our others.

I have very much enjoyed my week at Purpol, it’s like I’ve said before, no 2 days are the same. I’m always busy with projects or collecting research for out next campaign etc. This week has been a mixture of various elements within the marketing industry. I have been researching, designing graphics, working with digital publications and software, as well as writing out award entries.

Next week on Tuesday is the conference in Exeter that I shall be attending; I am quite excited for it, as this would be my first conference representing Purpol! Next week is sure to be full of surprises and various other projects for me to get stuck into! As always I am always learning something new whether that be about exportation, or various elements of a marketing plan! I’m looking forward for next week!