Week 8 At Purpol Marketing

Posted on February 8, 2017 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Intern, Marketing, PR Tags: , ,

My eighth week has finished here at Purpol, and what and event week it has been! Starting out the week with creating lots of interesting infographics for our graphic library. I have been designing graphics for our upcoming export event on Tuesday, some of these graphics have already been published via our Instagram account, so please head over to Instagram and take a look.

For the majority of the week, I have been designing and researching new content for our export sections, which we are going to be turning into a new eBook, hopefully in time for our event in Swindon. It has been a very creative week and I have very much enjoyed it!


We finished the week of with our belated Christmas party on Friday, joined by Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneurs Godmother and Kiya Newnham from Sales Coaching Solutions. We all united for our get together, we were taken on a bit of a mystery tour by Around and About Bath Tours https://www.aroundandaboutbath.com/ – tours. We started out the day with a coffee in a quaint little coffee shop in a little village Sherston, from here we ventured into the town of Malmesbury where we had a talk from a local cheese maker and some tastings too. We then had a walk around the town finishing up in the abbey where the first king of England is buried.

Following on from this, we had a spot of lunch in a local pub, with homemade burgers and antipasti laid out for us. After our lunch we took a trip back into town, where we were taught how to make some award winning sausages, the filling was the easy bit, however, the plating……. not so much!!! After we had made our sausages, we were taken to a local brewery close to the town, they had only been established for about 2 ½ years, however, they have already exported as far as Asia! The Flying Monk Brewery is a great place to have a tour, it is proper ale make from locally sourced ingredients produced on a small scale, but absolutely delicious! Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Purpol’s Christmas parties are definitely the best! It was interesting and exciting all day long; I would like to say a big thank you to Alison and Denise for organising it all, and a big thank you to Jules who is the owner of the tour company. All in all a very eventful and interesting week at Purpol, it just goes to show that there is never a dull moment working here!