Week 8 at Purpol Marketing

Posted on August 10, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Marketing

This week has probably been one of the most insightful, and I have enjoyed researching some of the different areas under the marketing umbrella, from the psychology of colour to personal branding!

Personal branding is something I didn’t know even existed until Denise mentioned it to me. In doing this research I found a statistic that whilst only 15% of people have truly defined their brand, 70% of professionals believe they have. After writing an article on small steps you can take to cultivate your brand I am in good shape to develop my own. I have learned the importance of being your own PR guru online, and mainly that it doesn’t have to be on a large scale or big budget to be successful. From updating your information on LinkedIn or sharing an article of interest in your industry area, keeping your channels fresh and defining what you want to represent early on goes a long way. All of this will ensure you are selling the best version of your professional self, and will help me stand out in a competitive field. This will be released in the coming weeks, and is well worth a read!

As a business student with a combined degree in psychology, I enjoyed researching the use of colour in branding and marketing. Whilst the subject fields couldn’t be further apart, it was great to finally draw in on my psychology background in business as there is a misconception that the two don’t relate. After researching this area, I was surprised to learn its less about what colour suggests what. Until now marketing has been misconstrued with the belief that red represents ‘excitement’ and green means ‘calm’ etc. Whilst some truth lies in this, it is also context dependant. Recent research suggests that actually its customers’ perception of the appropriateness of the colour used to represent the meaning of your brand that is more relevant. Difficulty lies in measuring the use of colour in marketing because measurement activities such as sign up rate or sales figures is likely to be a combination of marketing efforts. With this being said, I was fascinated to read that warm colours increase arousal and can encourage impulsive purchasing! I look forward to seeing whether this works in practise, and maybe even use this an excuse for a shopping trip!

Brand Management- Colour

I have also been working to enter Purpol Marketing for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards which is designed to support projects by women entrepreneurs and will be massively competitive but maybe our best chance to apply with it being the last year Purpol will be under 3 years old. So, I will be going all out and look to perfect our application!

Amongst this, I have been working to design a film and PowerPoint presentation using our graphics for branding, marketing and bidding tips as they have been successful. Having said that, we have uploaded new graphics for marketing and branding tips onto Twitter, so keep an eye for them over the month!