Week 6 as as an Intern by Robbie Warren

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to all who voted for Purpol in the Construction Enquirer Awards! We’ve been recognised as one of the Top 10 Constructions Suppliers to Work With (Under £25m). This is yet another award that Purpol have under their belt and I’m proud to be one of the lucky few who work here!

This week, my research on Business Improvement Districts continued. Finding out how many there are, what they all do and at the vast difference in how they are all viewed by different communities was very interesting, considering last week I didn’t even know what they were! They all offer different things with some in the UK running for nearly 15 years now with great support.

Then it was on to continuing my next whitepaper. The topic of this one is the use of technology in customer acquisition. This was a topic that has been particularly interesting as it’s a current issue for businesses and one that allowed me to apply some knowledge I already have. There are some parts of it I’d had some previous knowledge of, like social media and email marketing, but there were parts I had to research more, like content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Everyday this internship teaches me more and more and I look forward to seeing what next week holds!