Welcome to new Intern Jordan – Week 1 blog

Posted on December 9, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Marketing Tags: , ,

So my first week here at Purpol Marketing has been great so far. I met Denise on Monday for my induction into the business, and she was very friendly and welcoming. I had a busy week all laid out ready for me to start. Working from a home office is a very different environment, yet it works. I thought that it would be difficult to focus, however, as it turns out it is very easy to focus on the work and to get things done. I found that working from a home office allowed me to set my own internal deadlines to myself and be proactive in my work. I find that working from home is a much better environment for me to work in.

My first full on marketing day was Tuesday and one of my first projects to get on with was updating the client database for our records. I had a pile of business cards to get through, and I actually found it quite therapeutic entering their information into the database. This project was to be ongoing and to be done in between the main project that I had been set.

The main project for me to work on this week is purpol’s first eBook, exploring the best ways in how to win a bid. I had already got the text copy supplied for me, so it was just a case of designing the layouts that would suit the language used, and the types of audiences who would read the book. As someone who loves the design and designing things, this was a great first project for me to sink my teeth into.

In terms of the design process, I needed to get a feel for the type of eBook this was going to be and looking into the target audience etc. The software used to create this eBook was the adobe suite; this included the use of illustrator, Photoshop and design for the final layouts. In order for me to achieve the best possible look and the sharpest graphics, I needed to use vectors. This meant that no matter how much you blew up or shrank the image, it would always stay sharp.



At the end of this week, I have managed to complete the first proof for the eBook, finished the main designs and made a great start with the client database, which is now almost complete. In addition to the actual work, I have also learnt a new side to the industry that being the business side, and I have been interested with the behind the scenes as it were. During my first week, I have realised that each day is different and I have always been busy, which is nice always having something on the go. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week and am looking forward to the next.