What I learned from my 12 week internship at Purpol by Josh Corscadden

Today marks the end of my 12 week internship with Purpol Marketing Limited, an experience that has taught me a great deal.

Over the twelve weeks I have been introduced to many new concepts about marketing while concepts I have learned through my studies at university have been reinforced.

I had never experienced bid writing or white paper writing before so to be introduced and set tasks around these areas interested me greatly. Learning about the bid writing process allowed me to have an insight into a different style of marketing that will no doubt help me in the future.

Meeting the team at Purpol and talking to experienced marketing experts in Denise O’Leary and Gavin White has helped in my understanding of marketing from an alternative educational perspective. Having access to the magnificent marketing and bid writing courses has helped with my understand of how marketing in the working world is applied to a business.

The experience has helped with my understanding of a work-from-home environment, something that I expect to be exposed to again in life after university. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Purpol, with a special thanks to Gavin and Denise for helping me in my first experience of internship work. I hope to see them again in the near future!